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Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Lemon Garlic Shrimp • RED Steakhouse

Chef Peter Vauhty shows you how to make tender Lemon Garlic Shrimp for every occasion, whether as a delicious appetizer or an easy family dinner.

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Deconstructed Ribeye

Deconstructed Ribeye • Smith & Wollensky

For a hearty dish try Chef Dana Brizee's Deconstructed Ribeye where he prepares each of the 3 main parts of the rib loin individually.

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Brisket Spring Rolls

Brisket Spring Rolls • Michael Shikany

For a little twist on your everyday spring roll try Chef Michael Shikany's Gingembre Coconut Milk Braised Brisket Spring Rolls.

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Asian White Boy Ribs

Asian White Boy Ribs • The Dutch

Try The Dutch's off-the-bone Asian White Boy Ribs, glazed with a yuzu-soy reduction redolent for a delectable holiday dish!

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Pistachio Cream

Pistachio Cream • Bachour

Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour's Pistachio Cream is sure to be a hit and is made with Candied Pistachio, Yogurt Sauce, Green Apple Sorbet and more!

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Pici w/ Duck Ragu

Pici w/ Duck Ragu • Toscana Divino

Have a dinner party? For a deliciously rich dish try Chef Julian Baker's Pici with Duck Ragu from Toscana Divino!

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Hamachi Ceviche

Hamachi Ceviche • BLT Steak

Check out how to make BLT Steak's Hamachi Ceviche. Hamachi is a rich, flavorful fish in the large tuna-bonito family that comes from Hawaii.

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Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon • Adrianne Calvo

Check out Chef Adrianne Calvo's delicious Smoke Salmon and watch how this easy appetizer makes your holiday dinner even tastier.

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Stuffed Sweet Onion Potato Gratin

Stuffed Sweet Onion Potato Gratin • 1500°

Chef DaSilva’s stuffed Sweet Onion Potato Gratin is one of the signature sides at 1500° and makes a great addition to any family feast.

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Sweet Potato Fondue

Sweet Potato Fondue • Red, The Steakhouse

Chef Peter Vauthy's exemplary talents continue! Try his indulgent Sweet Potato Fondue with homemade marshmallow. Dessert just got sweeter!

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Shrimp Alexander

Shrimp Alexander • Morton's

Throwing a dinner party? For a great appetizer or side dish check out Morton Steakhouse's crispy Shrimp Alexander, with shallots and garlic.

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Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb • 1500°

Chef Paula DaSilva's Rack of Lamb makes a great dish for any occassion. Check out her recipe for the perfect way to impress the family!

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Foie Terrine

Foie Terrine • Shikany

Put a little French twist on your holiday feast with Chef Shikany's Foie Terrine, which highlights the intense flavor and rich texture to the liver.

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Florida Wahoo Ceviche

Florida Wahoo Ceviche • 1500°

Whether as an appetizer or a side salad, Chef Paula DaSilva's Florida Wahoo ceviche is bursting with flavor that is sure to please any palate.

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House Blend Meatloaf

House Blend Meatloaf • City Hall

Want to try a classic dish with an eclectic twist? Check out how to create Chef Tom Azar's best selling dish.

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Sparkling Cinnamon Apple

Sparkling Cinnamon Apple • Morton's

For a delicious holiday inspired cocktail try Morton Steakouse's Sparkling Cinnamon Apple.

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Popovers • BLT Steak

For a great appetizer that can be served with carmelzied onions or diced bacon, check out Chef Laurent Tourondel's delicious popovers.

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Cajun Ribeye

Cajun Ribeye • Morton's Steakhouse

Not sure how to nix the turkey? For a succulent and spicy addition to the holidays, try Morton's juicy Cajun Ribeye.


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