A Persian Wedding Feast at Fooq's

Fooq’s hosted the 6th installment of Saffron Supper Club’s pop-up dinner series highlighting the robust cuisine of the Middle East.

Out & About July 8, 2015

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A Persian Wedding Feast at Fooq's ·

Saffron Supper Club

Saffron Supper Club is a roving pop-up dinner club exploring the food and culture of the Middle East.

Fooq's Miami

Located in the heart of the Arts & Entertainment District, Fooq's Miami serves ectlectic farm-to-table food inspired by the global experiences of owner David Foulquier and Chef Nicole Votano.

Out & About •

Mint and Pistachios: A Persian Wedding Feast

Starting out as two friends sharing a passion for Middle-Eastern cooking, the Saffron Supper Club’s pop-up dining series has quickly gained a loyal following. The Persian-influenced Fooq’s restaurant located in Downtown was a natural fit for this 6th edition. Titled, “Mint and Pistachios: A Persian Wedding Feast,” the intimate dinner celebrated the food and rituals of a traditional Persian ceremony.

Taking inspiration from one of the most significant rituals in Persian culture, Fooq’s was lavishly decorated - tables were adorned with rose petals and decorative table settings. Saffron Supper Club co-founder Maude Eaton teamed up with Fooq’s chef Nicole Votano to create unique, family-style, dishes each symbolizing the important elements of the ritual. The dinner began with several small plates.

Fava Bean Hummus and Sabzi Panir Plate (Fresh Herbs and Bread)

The first course included Sabzi Panir, a colorful presentation of fresh cut herbs alongside feta, dates, honey, pita, almonds and pistachios. The dish conveys several meanings; the white cheese represents purity and almonds are a symbol of fertility while the other items symbolize luck and a sharing of happiness. The honey represents the sweetness of life. After a bride and groom are formally married, each will dip their pinky and feed one another playfully.

Votano’s seasonal interpretations included a vibrant Persian Vichyssoise. Like many of the dishes served throughout the evening, this colorful soup incorporated pistachios, a symbol of love. Some studies even show pistachios may increase sexual vitality!

Shirin Polo b’Tahdig (Persian Rice with crispy sour cherry bottom)

The most spectacular dish of the evening was Eaton’s Shirin Polo b’Tahdig. As its traditional name conveys, Persian Jeweled Rice is mixed with colorful vegetables, nuts and seasonal sour cherries mimicking the jewels one would wish for in a lavish life. A labor of love, Eaton meticulously prepared the rice through various stages of blanching then steaming to yield a perfect fluffy grain and gorgeous crispy bottom. In Farsi, the crunchy bottom is called “tahdig” (“Tah” means bottom and “dig” means pot) which requires a harmonious balance of ingredients, temperature and patience.

Throughout the evening, Eaton and co-founder Sara Liss enlightened guests with songs and poems of love presented in Farsi. The magical evening came to an end with the final dish, a Persian Sundae. Saffron and rosewater gelato topped with halvah, salted pistachios, valrhona chocolate pearls, dates, yogurt and pomegranate molasses.

Persian Sundae

Don’t worry if you missed this Persian feast, Fooq’s offers many contemporary takes on Persian cuisine during lunch and dinner. For details on the next Saffron Supper Club dinner to be held in August, follow them on Facebook HERE.

Fooq’s is located at 1035 North Miami Avenue, Miami Fl, 33136 and is open Lunch: Mon – Fri 12:00pm to 3:00pm and Dinner: Mon – Thu 6:00pm – 10:00pm, Fri – Sat 6:00pm – 11:00pm.

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