Randazzo's Little Italy: A Coral Gables Knockout

Everything is molto bene when you visit Randazzo's Little Italy. Find out why this classic Italian eatery has made foodies happy for more than 10 years!

Out & About January 27, 2015

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Little Italy in Coral Gables ·

Randazzo's Little Italy is not your typical pinkies-up, suit-and-tie Italian eatery. It has more of a home-style, grandmother's-cooking-in-the-kitchen, bring-the-whole-family type of feel. Brought to you by a retired prize fighter turned chef, Marc Randazzo gives all guests a sense of comfort with visions of his home and tastes of food that he geniunely loves... and it shows. Fresh ingredients in recipes passed down from generations make up a simple menu, but do not be fooled. Portions are as generous as the friendly and helpful staff.

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385 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, FL 33134

Out & About •

Randazzo's Little Italy: Italian Soul Food

Step inside Randazzo’s little Italy and it feels like you’re in a scene right out of The Godfather. Iconic Italian depictions, old family photos, boxing memorabilia and music of the motherland surrounds you as you indulge in what Chef/Owner Marc Randazzo calls “Southern Italian Immigrant Soul Food.”

Randazzo’s is a charming, two-story venue situated in Coral Gables, off of Miracle Mile and LeJeune Road. You can often find Marc Randazzo himself in the kitchen, whipping up delicious homemade recipes that only his grandmother knows the secrets to… because they’re hers! Every dish is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients shipped from Marc’s favorite Italian market, Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market, in Chicago, Illinois.

A retired prize-fighter turned outstanding chef, Marc Randazzo delivers knockout dishes on the daily. We are all too familiar with fried calamari in Miami. But we assure you, there is nothing like Marc’s Chicago Calamari, made with tomatoes, cherry peppers and topped with gorgonzola, this fusion of flavors doesn’t cease to excite the palate.

For a dish that really packs a punch, the Sausage and Peppers is an exquisite appetizer to share. (Did we mention that the portions at Randazzo’s are huge?) Subtle spices from the peppers compliment the zesty flavors of the sausage, held together by a delicious red gravy.

How much more Italian can you get than Spaghetti and Meatballs? Fuggedaboutit! These, however, are no ordinary balls of meat. Think 3 times the size of a regular polpetta. Marc’s trick is to let the bread soak in milk over night. This makes the meatballs moist and juicy, ready to be set atop a perfect plate of al dente spaghetti pasta in Sunday Gravy tomato sauce.

If you managed to save room for something sweet, we advise you to try Randazzo’s Cannoli, either traditional topped with chopped semi-sweet chocolate morsels or topped with crumbled pistachio. Either way, the creamy blend of sugary ricotta is delightful!

Randazzo's is a family name and a family restaurant. If Marc is around on your visit, he will most likely visit your table and make sure that you have enough to mangiare! In fact, if you're craving something that isn't on the menu Marc will have it made just for you. During lunch, they serve a free cup of the “Soup of the Day." It doesn't get any more famiglia than that!

Randazzo’s is open for lunch and dinner Monday - Thursday & Sunday from 12:00PM - 10:00PM and Friday - Saturday from 12:00PM - 1:00AM. They deliver too! Happy Hour is from Tuesday - Friday and includes free champagne for ladies, 2 x 1 drinks for gentlemen and half off appetizers. 

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