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Quality Meats Miami Beach

One of our Top 30 Miami Spice menus in the 30 Days of Digest, Quality Meats Miami Beach showcases classic steakhouse cuisine, fresh seafood fare and decadent desserts!

Out & About September 9, 2015

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Best of Miami Spice: Quality Meats · Miami Beach

Located in a historic Art Deco hotel in the heart of South Beach, this is Fourth Wall Restaurant Group’s first venture outside of New York. Executive Chef Craig Koketsu features a menu at Quality Meats Miami Beach that elevates the concept of a classic butchery with cured, smoked and aged meats.

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1501 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Miami Spice: Quality Meats

Unless you’re a Manhattan native, you may only know the name Quality Meats from their appearances at local food events. During the 2015 Veritage Miami festival, Quality Meats Miami Beach showcased a very peculiar dish. It involved bacon, jalapeño and peanut butter and it won over the palates of several food enthusiasts in the 305. Lucky for you (and us!), the same dish is featured on their Miami Spice menu, along with a diverse selection of decadent dishes. From surf to turf to frozen treats, chef Patrick Rebholz uses all of the crayons in his culinary box to present an assortment of steakhouse favorites with a twist in a chic atmosphere.

Situated in a historic art-deco hotel, details inspired from New York butcher shops create an authentic and relaxed vibe at Quality Meats Miami Beach. The hotel’s original check-in desk serves as a butcher counter, complete with cured foods available for purchase. We suggest you purchase some of their house-cured bacon. As an appetizer on the Miami Spice menu, it comes served with creamy, yet slightly crunchy peanut butter. What really makes this dish stand out is the jalapeño jelly. Separately, each ingredient is great; but when combined, the result is an outstanding burst of flavors. The peanut butter balances out the kick from the jelly and the bacon is smokey and slightly charred— simply to die for.

House-Cured Slab Bacon with Peanut Butter & Jalapeño Jelly

It’s not right to visit a steakhouse without indulging in their signature offerings. The grilled Bavette Steak on the Miami Spice menu is served with a cured orange salad. The generously portioned cut of meat is an extension of the t-bone and porterhouse on the short loin, otherwise known as flank or flap. It is tender and juicy when grilled to a perfect medium-rare. The orange salad added a nice change in texture and balanced the hearty protein.

Grilled Bavette Steak with Cured Orange Salad

We also recommend the Branzino as an entree. The fresh fish comes coated in sesame, sunflower and poppy seeds, garlic, onion and more. Chef Patrick prepares the fish by lightly searing it on top of the grill until flaky when forked. It is served with pickled onions and a heavenly smoked cream cheese sauce.

 Everything-Crusted Branzino with Smoked Cream Cheese & Pickled Onions

Quality Meats is known for their superb selections of carnivorous offerings, but did you know that their desserts are also out of this world? End your Miami Spice feast with the coffee & donuts ice cream. The taste of roasted coffee is present, yet subtle enough for those that do not enjoy the taste. Intermingled with bits of rich and chocolatey donuts, this sweet treat is appropriately served with a mini donut, not a cherry, on top.

Coffee & Donuts Ice Cream

Priced at just $39 per person, (excluding tax & gratuity) Quality Meats Miami Beach’s Miami Spice dinner menu is available Tuesday - Saturday from 6:00PM - 12:00AM and Sunday - Monday from 6:00PM - 11:00PM. Reservations are highly recommended an can be made by clicking here

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