Miami Spice Sneak Peek at KLIMA

Included in our Top 30 Best of Miami Spice, KLIMA offers a casual, yet sophisticated dining experience for summer.

Out & About July 31, 2015

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Best of Miami Spice: KLIMA · South Beach

A blend of the most original global recipes together with the freshest prime ingredients will create an eclectic yet balanced meal. The underlying theme for KLIMA's cuisine is simplicity with genuine flavors that are carefully choreographed by our experienced chefs for your enjoyment.

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210 23rd Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Miami Spice: KLIMA

Opened in early 2015 by owners Pablo Fernández-Valdés, Yago Giner, and Albert Ventura, KLIMA Restaurant and Bar delivers a unique Spanish flavor to the Miami dining scene. Inspired by the cuisine of Barcelona and the Mediterranean, KLIMA embraces authentic Catalonian flavor and tradition, placing a strong emphasis on the use of locally grown ingredients. A Spanish native himself, Executive Chef David “Rusti” Rustarazo has created a menu as diverse as the South Florida community.

Fennel Carpaccio With Burrata

KLIMA features our favorite dishes during this summer promotion. We recommend the Fennel Carpaccio as your first course. Crisp, shaved fennel is plated with creamy Burrata, Kalamata olives, sundried tomato and dressed with a touch of olive oil.

Veal Stuffed Paccheri

Second course options include the Veal Stuffed Paccheri which is slow braised overnight in port to yield rich and savory flavor.

Black Cod with Vanilla Coulis

Guests can also choose KLIMA’s popular Black Cod dish. The filet marinates in a combination of miso, egg yolk and saki for 48 hours and is finished under high heat for just 5 minutes to produce a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth bite. The dish is complemented with a vanilla coulis, cabbage and chickpeas.

End your decadent Miami Spice experience with KLIMA’s signature Passion Fruit dessert. Passion Fruit cream is topped with fluffy coconut foam and garnished with shaved mint ice. 

Priced at just $39 per person (excluding tax and gratuity), KLIMA’s Miami Spice dinner menu is available between 6PM and 12AM, Monday through Friday, from August 1st though September 30th.

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