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JugoFresh has taken healthy eating to another level with their new fall menu additions including a variety of non-juice options.

Out & About October 17, 2013

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JugoFresh New Fall Menu ·

The jugofresh menu includes cold-pressed juices, life-enhancement shots, superfood smoothies and prepared foods. They make almost everything in-house. juices and foods are made daily and they strive to create relationships with local and sustainable businesses.

"One of our goals at jugofresh is to change the perception that healthy eats are boring and flavorless. we apply our travels, experience, education and culinary backgrounds to create super-tasty treats for people who need high-quality food to fit into their busy lifestyle. when you step inside a jugofresh, you can expect a well-designed space, friendly smiles and great service."

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1935 West Avenue , Suite 102 Miami Beach, FL 33139
P: 786.472.2552


Out & About •

JugoFresh Launches New Fall Menu

JugoFresh owner Matt Sherman and Chef Paco gave our taste buds an exciting experience this week with the tasting of their Fall menu. The expansion of their new juicing facility in Lemon city now allows JugoFresh to prepare menu items in store each day for maximum freshness.

Our tasting menu paired each course with a balanced juice concoction that prepped our palates for the explosion of flavors to come. Among the delicious juices served were the el green-go - a sweet combination of apple, celery, spinach, parsley, and lemon and que fancy - a refreshing blend of coconut water, celery, cucumber, grapefruit, orange, dandelion, tarragon, and yuzu.

Most of the ingredients used are raw, guaranteeing remarkably vibrant flavors while the quality of produce contributed to the vivid colorful presentation and sensational textures of each dish.

We were especially impressed by the team's ability to recreate meat using fruit and nuts.

The bahn mi incorporated a walnut pâté that had the true essence of pork while the kale coconut cobb salad embodied the texture of bacon with its coconut jerky.

The kale coconut cobb salad was a mix of kale, romaine, a light emulsified raw ranch dressing, perfectly ripe avocadoes, coconut jerky, tomatoes, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, and sunflower sprouts.

The newest vegetarian-meat addition not yet released is the raw taco salad bite which also uses walnuts to mimic taco meat.

And, those of us with a sweet tooth will have even more reason to indulge. JugoFresh has added two deliciously healthy desserts. The antioxidant rich goji fig newtons are rich in flavor with a fun gooey texture. 

The cinnamon rolls were simply divine, prepared with raisin-date purée, walnut-cashew-dough, and a luscious, creamy icing.

We loved JugoFresh's inventive approach on familiar dishes to create a flavor-packed selection of new savory and sweet options. If you ever hesitated at the idea of enjoying raw or vegan-friendly food, we guarantee you'll be amazed by the new fall menu at JugoFresh

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