Best of Miami Spice: Byblos

One of our Top 30 restaurants in the 30 Days of Digest, Byblos Miami Beach blends the cuisines of the Eastern Mediterranean to offer a dynamic Miami Spice menu.

Out & About September 4, 2015

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Best of Miami Spice: Byblos · Miami Beach

The newly opened Byblos, located adjacent to the Royal Palm South Beach Miami, combines the cuisines of the Eastern Mediterranean to offer a menu utilizing both traditional and local ingredients. Classic cooking techniques and modern methods create diverse and flavorful dishes, artfully presented in a sociable atmosphere.

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1545 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Miami Spice: Byblos

Enter the recently opened Byblos Miami Beach and you are greeted by a light and airy atmosphere within a nautical seaside theme. Take a seat in one of their plush, golden champagne-colored banquettes and marvel at the clusters of pendant light chandeliers that cascade from the ceiling like celestial jellyfish tentacles.

The eclectic flavors of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine are brought to South Beach at Byblos. Strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients are evident in Executive Chef Stuart Cameron’s innovative Miami Spice menu. Using time-honored, classic cooking techniques along with contemporary methods, his dishes are a true cultural and coastal blend of tastes.

Begin your Miami Spice feast at Byblos with the Steak Tartare. The tartare is served with warm toasted barbari bread and drizzled with olive oil. The addition of chili paste gives the dish a pleasant piquant flavor. The heat is cut by a cool dollop of yogurt for contrasting flavors.

Steak Tartare with Chili Paste, Mint, Yogurt, Olive Oil and Barbari Bread

The lamb ribs are another excellent appetizer choice. The lamb is prepared sous vide to yield deliciously tender meat. They are glazed with carob molasses and coated with Dukkah, an Egyptian blend of herbs, nuts and spices. There is a delicate hint of spice to this dish. It is served atop a buttermilk sauce with a touch of red chili schug.

Lamb Ribs with Dukkah, Buttermilk Sauce, Carob Molasses & Red Chili Schug

The Cornish Hen is the perfect main course to continue your evening. The poultry is chargrilled and cooked until perfectly tender and juicy. The sabzi sauce, toum and fried leeks yield an explosion of flavor, balanced by a bed of sweet lentils.

Chargrilled Hen with Sabzi Sauce, Toum & Fried Leek

We must warn you, if you are looking for traditional Baklava, then Byblos’ Pizzelle Baklava may be a little out of the ordinary for you. This rich and robust dessert features ice cream, salted caramel and cous cous praline. Bursting with nutty flavor, end your dinner on a sweet note and save your craving for regular old Baklava for another time.

Pizelle Baklava with Ice Cream, Salted Caramel & Cous Cous Praline

Priced at just $39 per person, (excluding tax & gratuity) Byblos’ Miami Spice dinner menu is available Sunday - Friday from 6:00PM - 12:00AM. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by clicking here.

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