Sophisticated & Sensual Dining
at Byblos

Scheduled to open to the public July 20th, Byblos fuses old-world glamour with the exotic flavors of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

Out & About July 17, 2015

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Out & About

First Look: Byblos · South Beach

Byblos represents a marriage of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine with strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients. Using time-honored classic cooking techniques and modern methods the menu is a true coastal and cultural mosaic, served family style in a convivial atmosphere.

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1535 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

Out & About •

First Look: Byblos

Digest Miami experienced an impressive sneak peek of the new Byblos set to open to the public next week. Located adjacent to the Royal Palm South Beach Miami, Byblos is inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean region featuring a sophisticated lounge on the main floor and opulent 200-seat dining room upstairs. Executive Chef Stuart Cameron helms the kitchen and creatively integrates the flavors of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine with ingredients that are unique to Florida.

Designed to stimulate all the senses, guests are welcomed on the main dining level with souring 17-foot ceilings and inviting shades of blue, coral and pale green. Walls are adorned with fabric panels featuring an Egyptian motif. Around the exterior of the room are luxurious, golden velvet banquet seating with lighter hues placed in the center.

Our preview began with a spirit-infused cold tea service served on a traditional Persian-inspired tea platter. Four options are offered including Lebanese Cedar, Edgeware Road, Seven Celestials and Habibi Margeurite. For a sensual experience, we recommend the latter, a chili-spiced strawberry tea blended with Lime and Avion Silver Tequila and garnished with cilantro. Elevating this sipping experience are a small dish of sweet strawberries soaked in a sugary glaze that teases your tongue with spicy chili kick with each bite.

Flavors are bold, yet subtle. Among our favorite dishes are the Lamb Ribs. They are prepared sous vide to yield deliciously tender meat and are then lightly glazed with carob molasses and coated with Dukkah (an Egyptian blend of herbs, nuts and spices). The ribs are served atop buttermilk sauce with a touch of red chili “chug.”

We also tried Turkish dumplings filled with smokey eggplant. They are served in yogurt sauce with hints of molasses to balance the smokey flavor.

The menu also offers a selection of Persian rice dishes including a traditional sweet jeweled rice. We chose Cameron’s modern interpretation, Persian Fried Rice. The dish is  intoxicatingly fragrant with delicious salty bites of crisp chicken skin and sweet Key West Shrimp.

Desserts are equally as impressive and exotic. Be adventurous and opt for the yogurt mousse. Pistachio cake is topped with orange blossom water infused cotton candy and plated with pomegranate molasses and an orgasmic Paradise Farms Flower jam. 

With each bite (and sip) even more stimulating than the next, we anticipate Byblos will quickly become the most demanded reservation on South Beach.

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