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Watch COYA's Beverage Director, Maria Pottage, show you how to make your very own infused pisco.

Chicha Morada Infusion is similar to a classic cider, but with a Latin twist. Perfect for fall weather, this infusion combines the aromatic spices of clove and cinnamon along with granny smith apples and the tart tropical sweetness of pineapple. At COYA, the mixture is allowed to infuse for two weeks before it is used in cocktails such as the Chicha Morada Pisco Sour.

1 Ingredients

  1. Your Favorite Pisco
  2. Several ears of dried purple corn (maiz morado)
  3. Pineapple
  4. Granny Smith Apples
  5. Whole Cinnamon Sticks
  6. A small spoonful of dried cloves

2 Preparation

Combine all ingredients into a large vessel that can be sealed air tight. Let sit for up to two weeks. Then strain liquid and use in your favorite pisco cocktail or serve chilled with lime and fresh fruit.

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