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JUVIA Chefs •

Juvia’s menu is a harmonious blend of Asia, France, and South America & Florida, all in part to the trio of Chefs, Laurent Cantineaux, Sonny Oh, and Kaoru Chang.

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Paula DaSilva

Paula DaSilva • Executive Chef

Young, talented, beautiful and respected, Paula DaSilva has received critical acclaim since she took the helm as executive chef of 1500°.

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Tom Azar

Tom Azar • Executive Chef

At the helm of Miami's newest hotspot, City Hall, is acclaimed Chef Tom Azar who continues to make his mark on Miami’s evolving culinary scene.

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Sergio Sigala

Sergio Sigala • Executive Chef

Executive Chef Sergio Sigala’s depth of experience, esteemed reputation and considerable talents make him the perfect fit for Cecconi’s Venetian-influenced menu.

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Dana Brizee

Dana Brizee • Executive Chef

Chef Dana Brizee has been the notable Executive Chef at Smith & Wollensky Miami Beach for 14 years.

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Jeff McInnis

Jeff McInnis • Exectuive Chef & Partner

Executive Chef & Partner Jeff McInnis was born to do two things: fish and cook. And, in the best situations, he’s doing both.

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E. Michael Reidt

E. Michael Reidt • Executive Chef

At the helm of Area 31 is Executive Chef E. Michael Reidt who combines his skill and passion for ingredient-driven dishes with distinct rich flavors.

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Laurent Tourondel

Laurent Tourondel • Owner + Chef

BLT Steak's celebrated Chef and owner, Laurent Tourondel, mesmerizes by creating accessible menus prepared with only the finest ingredients.

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Scott Conant

Scott Conant • Executive Chef & Owner

Scott Conant's deft touch and unwavering passion to creating food that is unexpected and soulful with the ability to coax the very best out of ingredients.

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Alfred Portale

Alfred Portale • Executive Chef

The Executive Chef of Gotham Steak, Alfred Portale is famed for his NYC Gotham Bar & Grill, which has achieved a Michelin Star and numerous accolades.


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